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SEOPhalanx strives to make its services as advanced and customer-friendly as possible. We make every possible effort to deliver what we promise and never look for lame excuses to hide our nonperformance. Our services can be broadly divided into 4 categories, namely Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Multilingual SEO and Website Design & Development. Each one of them is concisely described below. Click on 'Read More' to visit the specific page of a service and have further information.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs no introduction today, after having remained one of the top online promotional options for website owners for over a decade. When done with the right set of techniques and in accordance with the search engine guidelines, SEO can bring a marked improvement in any website's traffic, sales and reputation. To cash in on the popularity of this Internet marketing process, SEO firms have mushroomed all around the...... Read More


Social Media Optimization

For availing a lucid insight into the efficacy of SMO services in India, we need to emphasize on the path of inclusion of social media as a tool for promoting online businesses. Social Media Optimization is similar to SEO only in terms of the suffixes while the differences between either arise from the platforms on which they operate. The former implements optimization procedures on social media which are distinct from those followed in search engine optimization...... Read More


Multilingual SEO

The Internet is omnipresent around the world, thereby paving the way for innumerable websites being built in all major languages apart from English. It is no longer surprising to find plenty of websites in languages such as German, Italian, Korean or Arabic. The rapid multiplicity of sites in every language has made the competition a lot tougher among them. Here, our multilingual SEO services can deliver a top rank for your website in local search engines...... Read More


Website Design

The digital wave around the world has stimulated the need for an online presence for every kind of business. SEOPhalanx helps you provide that creative edge necessary to garner top slot in search results of major search engines. We specialize in cutting-edge web designing techniques and equip your website with the best digital marketing practices. We keep updating ourselves and introduce newer strategies to help your online influence and visibility grow with...... Read More


Website Development

Working for high profile clients from across India and even from many foreign countries can be considered our unique selling point. This is further reinforced by the satisfaction that our clients get after SEOPhalanx provides the web development service. Based in Bhubaneswar, one of the fastest growing cities in India and being the top rated smart city in the country, our company is also trying to build a strong base in white hat methods of ...... Read More


Website Hosting

Modern day website owners are fully aware that they need to have a fantastic hosting solution for smooth working and access of their portals. There is lot of thinking, discussion and online platform information regarding the best way of hosting services. Although the widely available information may be quite a lot, but there are many reasons for the choice of hosting servers in the most appropriate manner. So, websites need to be put in the right place...... Read More


Local SEO

As you come to know, the Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO is a subset of Internet Marketing. By this we mean optimization of websites for search-engine friendly yet organic results. It takes a bunch of techniques to rank in the top search engine results and thus, increasing the visitor traffic on the website. SEOPhalanx is an established SEO company in Bhubaneswar, Odisha delivering outstanding SEO and digital marketing services to a worldwide clientage. We have...... Read More


Local Website Design Development

A website is known very well to the users from its appearance, structure and interface. Segregation of competition in the contemporary market has invited meticulous website designs. SEOPhalanx has set its targets towards creating attractive, responsive and functional websites capable of captivating a large number of potential customers. Incorporating a professional touch to your website would add certain amount of authority to your website...... Read More