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How to Ensure a Perfect Web Design

A through research on the means customers use to gather desirable data proves to the fact that maximum of them prefer to use Google which they think to be reliable & safe enough in delivering search results. Thus search engines like Google play crucial role in driving traffic to the websites of business owners. In this era of stiff online marketing competition, every business owner is seen making efforts to build up their website to be SEO-friendly. In fact a perfect webdesign is what can bring maximum search engine visibility. However, a perfect web design should be simple, persuasive & functional also. It should be appealing & effective in catering to the marketing objectives of the online business owners. Below are given certain tips which should be followed in preparing a SEO webdesign for seeking attention of maximum possible visitors.  

1. Stop using too much FLASH. The search engine can't read the content of flash format web pages, so it would be better to avoid using flash in making your important pages that you want to be found by Google or yahoo in flash format. A website can have bits of flash parts incorporated to jazz the site up, but ensure there is adequate room left for text on each page of the website. Try to use HTML instead of flash.

2. Create a Site Map. Having an organized site map will direct those crawls to all the pages you want to be found and indexed by the search engine, ensuring your important pages get found easily.

3. Have an In-Site Search Engine. People don't just search Google to find the things they need, they'll also search your Website. That's the reason why including a search function is crucial to any e-commerce Website.

4. Don't use Frames. Search engine spiders face difficulty in crawling through websites with frames.

5. Use black font on a white or lighter background. Colored background is easier to read than the opposite. Don't force user to put pressure on their eyes or else they will leave your website.

6. Make good use of image with content present in your site. Image is great for your website's look, however, when a whole page is full of images, it will not benefit you. Search engines see images as blank space. Use a combination of both & it will look perfect.

7. Optimizing your product descriptions to deliver visitors relevant information. Just take a quick look and recheck how relevant your product description is? Update your description and add any new and relevant information to it. Search engines love fresh content and visit sites more often that are updated regularly.

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