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Google Penguin 1.1: An Update or Just a Data Refresh
The first week of June saw yet another algorithmic-related announcement from Google, which is termed as Penguin 1.1. Contrary to popular belief, this latest development is just a data refresh of Penguin algorithm, released in April and not an entirely new algorithm update. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam, revealed this data refresh in his tweet and called it a ‘minor weather report’ as he often does by portraying algorithm updates and refreshes as weather events.

According to him, this data refresh is going to affect less than 0.1% of English searches. And, the purpose of this is the same - to filter out all those websites that are repeatedly violating Google’s quality guidelines. Uproar among webmasters and SEO companies has been a common phenomenon with every Google algorithm update or data refresh and Penguin 1.1 is not going to present a different story!

However, instead of crying foul over how Google Panda and now Penguin updates have brought down the search engine rankings, traffic and Page Rank of numerous websites, every honest webmaster and search engine optimization company must learn to adapt to the constantly changing web search scenario. Just face every challenge thrown at you by Google head-on. If you run a SEO company, it is advisable to organize a brainstorming session involving all those concerned and prepare new, effective strategies and courses of action that keep your clients’ interests protected.

If you think that Penguin has badly affected the website of one of your clients, some of the steps that might be recommended include:

••Remove all the unnecessary and excessive anchor text links from all of your webpages.

••Limit the occurrence of any money keyword (keyword you’re trying to bring on top in search results) to maximum 3 on the targeted webpage. However, this is a general practice, not a rule!

••Don’t put links on the same money keywords all over the web! Mix them with equal percentage of natural-occurring anchor texts like your website brand name (e.g. SEOPhalanx.com, www.seophalanx.com), visit now, click here, read the blog post, etc.

••Build backlinks from highly relevant and niche websites dealing in the same theme as yours.

••Analyze your link profile at least once a month and eliminate low-quality links.

••Make efforts to remove duplicate content that other websites have copied from your webpages. If that content has some links back to your website, then Google terms them as bad links and brings down your rankings.

Instead of posting articles in broad article directories with countless expert authors, focus on niche directories that are purely based on the business you do.

Is your website hit by Google Penguin update or the latest data refresh? If yes, then make a thorough analysis of your website with the help of an SEO expert immediately!
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Organic SEO Marketing - The Effective Way to Promote Your Business Online

The world of SEO optimization service is gaining a lot of results, positive feedback and is presently ruling the world of internet. You can make a lot of money if you are on top of search engines today. However, this is not an easy thing to do but you can make a lot of difference if you get good results using the optimization services. These are employed to make your business reach those people who really needs it for their business.

Today, there are a number of companies who are working day and night to make the most of the search engines. However, only few people succeed in presenting very good results especially if you are looking for top position in the search engine with the help of the >organic SEO marketing tricks. You can make a lot of difference to your business if you are about to the best company for all your needs. There are companies who can help you will low priced services but make sure they have earned good results in the past. It is because there are a number of companies who can offer you very lucrative offers but their results will be much less and low. For those companies who are only there in the world to make people fool with misleading offers.

SEO optimization service can make your business go high and earn you a lot of money if implemented and performed in the best manner. However, if the reverse is done then you can't be saved from getting banned in the search engines.

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