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5 Types of Links Webmasters Should Stay Away From
After the release of Google Penguin update, several companies have categorically stated that they have been adversely affected by this. In most cases, the major cause of downfall is the dearth of natural links and the presence of harmful inbound links that have grounded many websites. According to a blog entry at G-Squared Interactive, there are 5 link types webmasters should not detect in their link profiles.

Paid text links containing the precise anchor text: Numerous websites want to rank higher on Google for a number of specific keywords. They can achieve this objective by purchasing links from other sites with the exactly matching anchor text they need. Google has taken strong exception to this practice; it violates their guidelines. Hence, this search engine giant would view these paid links as a sole means to spoof PageRank, and not to offer any real value to web users.

Links generated through comment spamming: There are two distasteful things...
Google Penguin 1.1: An Update or Just a Data Refresh
The first week of June saw yet another algorithmic-related announcement from Google, which is termed as Penguin 1.1. Contrary to popular belief, this latest development is just a data refresh of Penguin algorithm, released in April and not an entirely new algorithm update. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam, revealed this data refresh in his tweet and called it a ‘minor weather report’ as he often does by portraying algorithm updates and refreshes as weather events.

According to him, this data refresh is going to affect less than 0.1% of English searches. And, the purpose of this is the same - to filter out all those websites that are repeatedly violating Google’s quality guidelines. Uproar among webmasters and SEO companies has been a common phenomenon with every Google algorithm update or data refresh and Penguin 1.1 is not going to present a different story!

However, instead of crying foul over how Google Panda and now Penguin updates have brought do...
Google Panda 3.5 Update: Highlights & How to Cope with Them
In the month of April this year, Google came up with its new algorithm update, Panda 3.5, which is also known as the Penguin Update. The effects of this update have already been felt as numerous website owners witnessed ups and downs in their PageRank as well as site rankings in the search engine result pages of Google. Some of the major points of this latest Google Panda 3.5 or Penguin update include:

If you are over-optimizing your website, it is time to stop immediately! Google has always been a staunch supporter of optimizing your sites in a constructive manner, which will eventually lead to an increase in search engine rankings and traffic. As per the most recent update, it is now strongly disfavoring those websites that involve themselves a link building spree and generate overmuch backlinks in a short time period. Around 3 percent of all searches have been influenced by this update. And, the outcome is the likely elimination of your site from Google search inde...
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